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No One Is Coming to Rescue You—Especially Not a Presidential Candidate

A politician cannot save us, not in the policy realm or our personal lives.

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Why Notre Dame's Gothic Spire Should Be Rebuilt

Why the modern designs just won't cut it.

Greta and other Western children are given to understand that human beings — they themselves — are the problem.       

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‘8 Mile’ and the Power of Logos

Given our society's current inability to engage in rational discourse, a renewed appreciation for the logos as a shared commitment to seeking and articulating truth could be our only hope.

Childhood exuberance is now a liability.

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The tension, the delight, the mystery, the attractions between male and female, romance and courtship, the misunderstandings, the complementarity of various gifts physical, mental, and spiritual: I don’t know about you, but I’m raising a glass to diversity.

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Thus it seems that we’re entering into a paradoxical twilight time, an era astride two ages. On one side of the twain, digital domination seems unstoppable, and yet on the other side, people don’t trust it.

Facebook Fascism and the Slippery Slope to Tyranny

The slippery slope towards tyranny? We're already on it.

Old Kindergarten Requirements Suggest Today’s Classrooms Are Too Much, Too Soon

Once upon a time kids didn’t go to preschool. Or kindergarten. And when they did go to the latter, the expectations were much more kid-friendly and age appropriate.

The Truth About Georgetown's Vote for Slavery Reparations

It's being used to drive a narrative the media wants to hear.

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It was announced this week that the U.S. Supreme Court would be considering a lower court decision that redefined the word "sex" to mean "gender identity." 

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Do young Americans really know what it means to live under socialism?

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Should the Boston Marathon Bomber Get to Vote?

During a CNN town hall on Monday, a student asked Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris whether they would allow felons in prison to vote.


Teachers Report Increasing Abuse at the Hands of Students

A quarter of teachers report being the objects of student violence and abuse according to a recent survey out of the UK.

Three Arizona students may soon learn a valuable lesson: There’s a difference between exercising your free speech on campus and blocking someone else’s attempt to do the same.

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George Orwell and Charles Dickens offer some disturbing insight into how totalitarianism works.

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The misuse of AI is not limited to autocratic states.

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This race to the elusive top is causing many young people to experience severe anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

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When someone talks about someone having "rights," what do they mean?

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No wonder boomers want to be “buddies” with their children. They may be the only friends they have.


This counters the idea that teenagers respond poorly to Shakespeare's work.

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Medi-Cal wields a budget of $20.7 billion but does not quantify how much taxpayer money it spends on false-documented illegals. 


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